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Air Conditioning Maintenance Pooler GA

Maintenance Agreements


At Freedom Air Conditioning and Heating Company we believe in maintenance! I know the old adage says "if it ain't broke don't fix it", but I promise you the saying that says "if you neglect it it will neglect you" WILL become a reality when it comes to your air conditioning and heating system.

Maintenance is an integral part of making a system last and reducing operating costs.  Our Maintenance Agreement is designed to CLEAN the system to reduce operating costs and improve performance, not just inspect the system and replace the filter.  

The following is a list of items that our Maintenance Agreement consists of, this list covers a wide variety of systems in use some items may not apply to your particular system.

  • Clean Indoor Coil 
  • Clean Primary Drain Pan
  • Clear Primary Drain Line & Verify Proper Drainage
  • Install a Pan Pad to the Primary Drain Pan (Split systems ONLY)
  • Clean Debris from outdoor unit
  • Clean Outdoor coils
  • Oil blower motor (if applicable)
  • Oil Condenser Fan Motor (if applicable)
  • Verify Capacitor rating for each motor (compressor, condenser fan, and blower)
  • Verify high voltage wiring connections
  • verify Low Voltage Wiring Connections
  • Verify Safety Controls for Proper Operation
  • Monitor Refrigerant levels for proper refrigerant charge using Super heat, or Sub-Cool charging methods.
  • Verify Thermostat Calibration & Proper Operation
  • Measure & Record Amp Draws on Compressor, Blower Motor, Condenser Fan Motor
  • Measure and record each electric heat strip  (heat Pumps and Electric Heat only)
  • Verify Proper Operation of the Heat Sequencer(s) (heat Pumps and Electric Heat only)
  • Test the Reversing Valve (heat Pumps only)
  • Test the Defrost Thermostat  (heat Pumps only)
  • Verify Proper Operation of the Defrost Control (heat Pumps only)
  • Measure Voltage Across the Contactor
  • Clean the Pilot Assembly (Gas Furnaces Only IF EQUIPPED)
  • Clean the Flame Sensor (Gas Furnaces Only IF EQUIPPED)
  • Clean the Ribbon Burner  (Gas Furnaces Only IF EQUIPPED)
  • Clean the Heat Exchanger (Gas Furnaces Only)
  • Measure and Record Amp Draw of the Inducer Motor  (Gas Furnaces Only IF EQUIPPED)
  • Verify Proper Operation of the Induced Draft Pressure Switch (Gas Furnaces Only IF EQUIPPED)
  • Verify Proper Gas Pressure (Gas Furnaces Only)
  • Verify Proper Draft of Flue Gasses (Gas Furnaces Only)
  • Perform Carbon Monoxide Test of Gas Furnace (Gas Furnaces Only)
  • Measure & Record Return Air Temperature
  • Measure & Record Supply Air Temperature
  • Measure & Record Outdoor Air Entering Temperature (A/C maintenance only or Heat Pump Maintenance each visit)
  • Measure & Record Outdoor Air Discharge Temperature  (A/C maintenance only or Heat Pump Maintenance each visit)
  • Test Float Switch for Proper Operation (IF EQUIPPED)
  • Replace Customer Provided Filter(s)

The maintenance agreement entitles you to Priority Service, and a 15% Discount on Parts and Labor.

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Air Conditioning Repair Special


Our technicians are N.A.T.E. Certified, giving you the peace of mind knowing that a certified professional is evaluating your air conditioning and heating system, and that he will quote you the repair(s) before performing them - this keeps you in control of the cost.

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System Replacement Special

System Replacements

We will assist you in replacing your current system with options ranging from the government minimum standard 13 S.E.E.R. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) through 24.5 S.E.E.R rated systems and all in between.

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